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Learn in Reality

Edaim feels proud to be the first edtech company to integrate the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology into education system. We showcase our excellence by bringing an interactive digital world into perceived real world of students, where the digital aspect can reveal more information about a real-world object that is seen in reality. Imagine kids learning about Chemistry, Biology, Physics and many more by being able to interact with them in reality.

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A few demo samples of our work recorded in real time. This is how we make learning more fun and interactive to young minds. These are examples to see how we can transform the learning process. Stay tuned for more updates.

What We Offer

Learning Kit

The potential that AR has in enabling teachers and parents to easily enhance their existing flashcards by adding an AR object. When users point their digital device at the printed flash card various 3d objects will pop on the screen, a 3D animal with a shape or the solar system or various 3D objects will pop up on the screen. Users can interact with these 3d objects by tapping on the various buttons provided.

Customized Curriculum

EDAIM provides an open platform to animate your curriculum by customizing the lessons plan and make studying more interesting and fun for students.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is an instructional approach optimized for the needs of an individual learner or Parent. The objectives are tailored in accordance with the learner’s aspirations, and the instructional content and approaches are crafted in accordance with those objectives.