Evolution of Education

The challenge is not to repair the education system but change it, not reform it but transform it. We have to personalize education, not standardize it. Make a living, Make a difference and Make things fun.

NexGen Learning

With Edaim we feel proud to announce that, as one of the first to bring latest Augmented Reality(AR) technology into education. we will show its excellence in bringing an interactive digital world into a student's perceived real world, where the digital aspect can reveal more information about a real-world object that is seen in reality. Imagine kids learning about Chemistry, Biology, Physics and many more by being able to interact with them in reality.

What's That!

Institute Automation

Edaim is a "leading-edge institute digitalizing system" that automates and simplifies the multiplicity and complications faced in regular institute operations including academic, administrative and financial management. It has been used by educational institutions worldwide to standardize and manage their internal functionalities efficiently along with automating the processes for parents and students.

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Smart Care

The primary objective of the Edaim is to improve student's quality of life, including physical, psychological, emotional, educational and social development through comprehensive health strategies, activities, and services.

How it Works?

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