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physical and mental smart care

Health care is a vital aspect for developing students knowledge and attitude. It triggers the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social skills of a student to attain success and overcome obstacles.
Health care encourages students to indulge in a healthy lifestyle by avoiding risky practices which leads to severe mental and physical distress

Health care plays a important role in promoting learning as well in students! As a recent study shows that the reading skills and mathematical abilities of 3rd and 4th grade students who received comprehensive health care were significantly higher than those who did not. In general, healthy students learn better. Numerous studies have shown that healthier students tend to do better in school They have higher attendance, have better grades, and perform better on tests.

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The personalised health care features we provide

Brain Stimulation Exercises

  • Excercises to elevate breathing
  • Brain and body coordination excercise
  • The Concentration Game
  • Daily talk time/triumphs and challenges

Nutrition Level Enhancements

  • Review of diet strategies employed by students
  • Fitness and nutrition challenges
  • "Get off the couch" program
  • Personalized diet camps

Psychological Development

  • How do students think and learn?
  • What motivates students?
  • Which aspects of social context, interpersonal relationships and emotional well-being are essential to promote student learning.

Physical Fitness Monitoring

  • Fitness trackers are becoming a popular way to encourage physical activity. In this feature the students will be provided with a fitness tracker to self-monitor step count. Pre- and post-measures of body composition, resting heart rate and blood pressure. The data obtained from these trackers will be analysed by our experts to provide necessary improvement tips, diets and consultations to the students.